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Kids Short Moral Stories

Very Short Moral Stories For Kids

Panchatantra Stories in English: Story of The Hunter And The Pigeons


On the top of a huge banyan tree resided a crow. Every early morning, the crow would fly to the village to collect food and would come back by evening.

Story of The Hunter And The Pigeons - Unity is Strength
Panchatantra Stories for Kids – The Hunter And The Pigeons Story – Unity is Strength

One day, the crow was traveling to the town, when he saw a hunter nearing the tree with seeds in his hand. The crow thought to himself, “This hunter is out to kill somebody! The grains in his hand are to tempt the birds. “

So the crow flew back to the tree and gathered many other animals and wild birds residing in the tree, “Friends, there is an evil hunter approaching towards our home. He has some tasty grains in his hands. He will toss them around in order to induce you. Do not touch any of them or your life is going to be in danger. ”

Just as the crow had informed, the hunter threw the grains ahead of the tree. non-e of the birds or animals went near it.

Unfortunately! From the sky descended a flock of number of pigeons to eat the grains. The pigeons pounced on the grains, and just before they realized it, the hunter had throw his net on them.

All the pigeons were caught. They cried out to their king, “It was a trap! The wicked hunter will now kill everyone of us. “

The king said, “Do not get worried! l have a plan. But we will all have to work together for the plan to succeed. “

The king said, “When I count to three, everyone will have to flap your wings and fly to the sky. We are going to fly away with the net to safety. ”

As the hunter was walking towards net, he was imagining how fortunate he was to capture so many birds in a single day. But he was in for a big shock!

The birds flapped their wings and rose to the sky right before his eyes.

The hunter cried out, “Wait, wait, you are taking my net along with you…. “

But the birds had flown too far away and clearly there was absolutely nothing the hunter could possibly do. When they were securely away from the hunter, the king said, “Let us travel to my good friend, the king of rats. He will free us from the net with his razor-sharp teeth. ”

So the pigeons travelled to the rat. The king of rats was pleased to see his friend, although in a net!

He called all his close friends and within a few minutes the pigeons were totally free.

The king of rats looked at the free pigeons and said, “When you are united, you can do anything you want!”

Morals: United You Always Wins.

Panchatantra Stories in English: Story of The Hunter And The Pigeons
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Panchatantra Stories in English: Story of The Hunter And The Pigeons
Panchatantra Stories in English: Story of The Hunter And The Pigeons with Moral: United you always wins.
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Kids Short Moral Stories
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