The Fox and The Stork Story

The Fox and The Stork Story
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Fox and the stork story summary

A sly Fox tricks the Stork with a shallow soup dish, but the clever Stork gets his revenge with a tall jar of fish. This classic fable teaches a timeless lesson about fairness and empathy.

A selfish fox once invited a stork to dinner at his home in a hollow tree. That evening, the stork flew to the fox’s home and knocked on the door with her long beak. The fox opened the door and said, “Please come in and share my food.”

The stork was invited to sit down at the table. She was very hungry and the food smelled delicious! The fox served soup in shallow bowls and he licked up all his soup very quickly. However, the stork could not have any of it as the bowl was too shallow for her long beak. The poor stork just smiled politely and stayed hungry.

The selfish fox asked, “Stork, why haven’t you taken your soup? Don’t you like it?” The stork replied, “It was very kind of you to invite me for dinner. Tomorrow evening, please join me for dinner at my home.”

The next day, when the fox arrived at the stork’s home, he saw that they were also having soup for dinner. This time the soup was served in tall jugs. The stork drank the soup easily but the fox could not reach inside the tall jug. This time it was his turn to go hungry.

Fox and the stork story moral: A selfish act can backfire on you.

The fox and stork story teaches the lesson of tit-for-tat, reminding us that treating others poorly often results in being treated the same way in return. It emphasizes fairness, empathy, and the importance of considering how our actions affect others you read 10 lines short stories with moral.

The Fox and The Stork Story
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