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Kids Short Moral Stories

Very Short Moral Stories For Kids


The Paper Bag Princess is a story about a strong and independent woman who doesn’t need a man to be happy. It is a story that empowers girls and teaches them that they can do anything they set their minds to.

Paper Bag Princess, a young girl wearing a paper bag, stands in front of a dragon

Once upon a time, there was a princess named Elizabeth who lived in a castle. She was engaged to marry a prince named Ronald, and they seemed like a perfect couple.

But one day, a scary dragon named Smoke attacked the kingdom. It burned down the castle and took Prince Ronald away. Elizabeth managed to escape with just a paper bag on her.

Elizabeth was determined to save Prince Ronald. She went on a journey and found the dragon’s cave. The dragon was guarding Prince Ronald, who was trapped in a cage. The dragon wanted to cook Ronald for dinner.

Elizabeth had a clever idea. She talked to the dragon nicely and made it show off its special abilities. The dragon got tired and fell asleep after showing off.

Elizabeth then freed Prince Ronald and saved him. But instead of being thankful, Ronald made fun of Elizabeth’s messy appearance because of the paper bag.

Elizabeth realized that Ronald was being mean and shallow. She told him off and walked away confidently, leaving both the dragon and Ronald behind.

Wearing her paper bag proudly, Elizabeth showed that she didn’t need a prince to rescue her. She taught us that what’s inside is more important than how we look, and being strong comes from believing in yourself.

And so, Elizabeth’s story teaches us that we can be brave and strong on our own, no matter how we look or what others say.

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