The Selfish Giant Story

A group of children would play in the garden belonging to a giant every day after school. One day, the giant comes back home from a seven year visit to his close friend, a Cornish ogre. Frustrated at finding the kids trespassing, he chases them out and proceeds to construct a wall around his garden.

The Selfish Giant Story
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He erects a sign reading: TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED. ” The children are very unhappy, because playing on the road is a poor alternative.

When springtime comes, life starts to bloom almost everywhere apart from the giant’s backyard, where it remains winter season. A single flower blooms but sinks back into the earth when it reads the sign on the entrance. The Snow and the Frost choose to stay in the garden, along with invite the North Wind and Hail to join them. Seasons pass even so it remains winter in the giant’s garden.

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One morning, the giant listens to a linnet singing outside his window, and is shocked to find the spring weather has lastly come to his garden. He sees the cause- some children have snuck through a hole in his wall structure and are playing in his garden.

He sees a little boy crying simply because he could not reach the lowest branches. This corner of the garden is still covered in snow. The giant is moved by shame, realizing how selfish he has been. He enters the garden, the kids flee and winter returns.

But he lifts the litle crying boy and places him in the tree, telling the children the garden is theirs now. The kids return to play and the garden transforms to spring yet again. The children return but the crying boy has disappeared.

Over the years, the giant grows old and watches the kids play from his armchair. One day he sees the little boy under the same tree, which has turned beautiful and white. The giant approaches and sees the boy has injuries on his hands and feet. He asks the boy who hurt him, so that the giant may avenge him, but the child says these are the wounds of love, and as the giant allowed him to play in his garden, so would the boy take the giant to his backyard garden in Paradise. Later on, the other kids find the giant lying dead under the tree, covered in bright blossom.
“Morals: Happiness through true love and selflessness.”

The Selfish Giant Story
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