The Gingerbread Man Story with Moral

Gingerbread man short story
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Short Story of the Gingerbread Man

Once upon a time there was a little old lady along with a little old man who lived in a little cottage.

One day, the little old woman decided to make a gingerbread man. The little old man got the oven read and the little old lady began baking.

The little old lady cautiously placed her gingerbread man in the oven to bake. Shortly there was a sound coming from the oven! It was the gingerbread man. He ran out of the oven and directly out of the front door.

“Stop, little gingerbread man! ” cried the little old man and the little old woman. But the gingerbread man wouldn’t stop! The gingerbread man did not wish to be eaten, and so he shouted… “Run, run, as quick as you can. You can’t catch me – I’m the gingerbread man! ” And off he ran, all the way along the street towards the garden gate.

Eventually he came to a cow’s field. “You need to catch me first! ” shouted the gingerbread man. “Run, run, as fast as you can! You can’t capture me – I’m the gingerbread man! ” “You look tasty, ” said the cow, “ I think I’ll eat you for my tea! ”

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Next, the gingerbread man reached a horse in a stable. “You look delicious, ” said the horse, “ I think I will eat you for my tea! ” “You will need to catch me first! ” shouted the gingerbread man. “Run, run, as quick as you can! You can not capture me – I’m the gingerbread man! ” And off he ran towards the stream.

“Why are you running away? ” questioned the cunning fox. At the edge of the stream was standing an old sly fox. “They all want to eat me! ” said the gingerbread man. “I think I have to cross the stream! ”

“I can help you, ” said the fox, “You can hold onto my tail while I swim across. ” And that is exactly what the gingerbread man did. “I’m so happy I met you! ” said the gingerbread man.

“My feet are getting wet! ” yelled the gingerbread man. “Then jump on my back, ” said the cunning fox. They had been swimming for a little while when, all of a sudden…

They swam a bit further more when…… “Oh no! I’m getting wet yet again! ” Eventually, the sly fox said, “Why don’t you jump on my ears? ” reacted the cunning fox. However the gingerbread man was still getting wet. “Well, jump on my nose, ” replied the sly fox. So the gingerbread man jumped, but……

Just as he did the cunning fox tossed the gingerbread man high into the air and ate him up in one, BIG, bite!

Morals: “Be Careful When Dealing With Strangers”.

Gingerbread man short story
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5 thoughts on “The Gingerbread Man Story with Moral”

  1. Forever people have been getting the moral of the Gingerbread Man incorrect. The REAL moral of the Gingerbread Man is “Don’t be Talking All That Shit.”

  2. Don’t trust Fox(News). They will lie to you and coax you further and further into their dark plan and will gobble you up when you have given them control over you. Also, see “Republican Party”. One and the same.

    1. Yeah right because it’s the Republicans who want to consume your children with transgender mutilation. Think deeper.

  3. Good moral of the story as I see it and always interpreted it is no matter how far you run from home and to where you will meet your destiny. He was eaten he was a fricking cookie, And you can’t run away from the truth as it will always catch up to you and expose itself

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