The Birds and Snake Story | Very Short Stories with Moral

Very Short Moral Stories for kids

This story teaches kids a moral that We need to be careful in choosing friends. We need only those friends that are good for us. some whom we think are our friends are not good friends.

The Birds and Snake Story
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There was a big banyan tree. Many birds were living on the tree.

There was a big snake that lived in the same tree as well. He used to eat up the eggs of the birds.

The birds were really angry, “We need to make a friend who is able to kill the snake, ” they said. So they made friends with a jackal.

The jackal came and killed the snake. The birds were very happy, in order to thank, they called him to dinner.

The jackal came and ate up all the birds.

Morals: We must be careful to choose our friends.

The Birds and Snake Story
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