The Clever Little Rabbit Story

The Clever Little Rabbit Story
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One day, a little rabbit says to his mother, “There are a lot of mushrooms on the mountain slope. Let me pick some for you, all right?”

The mother rabbit says, “It’s good that you want to help me. But remember, don’t go too far away.”

“All right, Mother,” says the little rabbit. He takes a small basket, and happily hops out of the house.

There are a lot of mushrooms on the mountain slope. The little rabbit picks the mushrooms. Soon his basket is full of mushrooms.

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Suddenly the little rabbit sees a big wolf nearby. He does not hove time to run away. He is very frightened. Then he has an idea.

“Oooh!” screams the little rabbit “My stomach is so painful!” He keeps pressing his stomach.

The wolf comes nearer to the little rabbit “What is happening to you?” asks the wolf.

“I must have eaten some poisonous mushrooms,” cries the little rabbit. “My stomach is very painful. 1 will die in a short while!”.

The little rabbit rolls about on the ground. Then he closes his eyes and pretends to be dead.

The wolf looks at the little rabbit. He thinks, “Rabbit meat is delicious. What a pity it is poisoned!”

The wolf sniffs at the little rabbit for a while. Then he goes away, leaving the little rabbit behind.

When the wolf is far away, the little rabbit gets up quickly. He picks up his basket. He runs home as fast as he can.

The little rabbit tells his mother about meeting the big wolf. He tells her what he has done to save himself.

After listening to the little rabbit, the mother rabbit happily hugs him. “What a clever child you are!” she says proudly.

“Morals: Think Smartly and Wisely.”

The Clever Little Rabbit Story
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