The Crow and the Oyster Story

The Crow and the Oyster Story
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One day, a hungry crow saw an oyster on the beach. He wanted to eat the tasty meat inside the shell, so he tried to open the oyster. First,he used his beak, but he could not open the shell .Then he hit it with a stone, but shell stay tightly shut. He even jumped up and down on the oyster, but still he could not open it

Morals: Be careful with strangers who tries to play tricks on you.
Just then, a cunning crow flew by and said, ‘Why don’t you bring it up high and then drop the oyster. When the oyster breaks open, you can eat its flesh.
“That’s a good idea!” said the crow. So. he flew high above and then dropped the oyster on a big rock.
The oyster smashed on the rock and split open.. The cunning crow, who waited below rushed out, gobbled up the flesh and flew away. He enjoyed a tasty meal while the hungry crow had nothing to eat.


The Crow and the Oyster Story
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