The Clever Fox and the Innocent Goat Story With Moral – Look before you leap

One summer morning, a fox was wandering in the forest. The sun was shining very hot and bright in the sky and the fox began to feel dehydrated. He went round and around the trees, searched in the bushes and sniffed all over. And ah-ha! There it was – a big, deep well of water! The fox was so delighted that he jumped straight into the well and gulped down so much drinking water that his stomach was ready to burst.

The Clever Fox and the Goat Story With Moral Picture
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Very Short Stories With Moral : The Clever Fox and the Goat Story

Now that he had finished drinking water, the fox thought to step out of the well and continue his way. So he looked all-around for a way to climb out and noticed that there was non-e. Each time he attempted to go up, he would slip down. He tried and tried, but with no luck.

“Oh! Somebody please help me! Get me out of here! ” The fox cried from the well, hoping that someone would hear him and come to save him. Several hours passed but no one surpassed the well. “It seems I will be stuck here permanently, ” thought the fox, sadly.

The morning changed into evening and shortly the sky was dark. The poor fox spent the night in the cool and damp well. He was very frightened since he would not know how longer it would be before someone might come and help him get out of the well. Time passed by very slowly and gradually.

Finally, it was morning. “Somebody, help me! ” the fox started to scream yet again. And this time, his prayers were answered. Fortunately, a goat happened to be crossing the well just as the fox yelled for help.

“Hello! I heard you shouting from there, Mr. Fox! Can I help you in in any manner? ” the goat spoke.

Now, the fox realized that the goat would not help him, as soon as he learned it absolutely was impossible to get out of the well. Therefore , he chose to trick the innocent goat, to ensure that he could get the goat to help him out of the well.

“I came down into this well to drink this great, relaxing water. Believe me, my dear goat, I have never ever tasted drinking water really like this. Why not come down and drink some too? ” said the sly fox.

The goat, on hearing the fox, was overjoyed and at once she hopped into the well and was next to the fox. But as soon as the goat finished drinking the water, she too noticed that stepping out of the well was not possible.

The fox was really smart. He thought of a strategy to escape. “Why don’t you stand on your back legs, and Items climb over you to get out of the well. As soon as I am out, I would certainly pull you out as well! “

The goat was happy, because the fox’s option seemed to be the best way out. Without losing another moment, the goat stood up with her hands against the wall structure of the well. The fox instantly jumped over the goat’s back and climbed out, totally free at last!

But as soon as the fox was out from the well, he started walking away without looking back even once. The goat started crying and moping to the fox for help. “Mr. Fox, you had promised to help me step out of the well too! ” she cried.

However the fox simply responded, “Listen, my friend! If you had been clever, you would not have hopped into the well before looking at if there was a way out! ” And so saying, the fox began walking away to his own house and the poor goat was left in the well.

Moral: Look before you leap.

The Clever Fox and the Goat Story With Moral Picture
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