The Crows and the Evil Snake – A Panchatantra Story

On an old banyan tree, resided a family of crows — the daddy crow, mommy crow and the small newborn baby crows. The crows were living happily on the tree, till one day, a snake came to reside in a hole in the same tree.

The Crows and the Evil Snake - A Panchatantra Story With Moral and Pictures
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An illustrated story of The Crows and the Evil Snake

The daddy crow said to the mommy crow, “We need to be very careful. We now have an unpleasant neighbour. “

Mommy crow kept a careful eye over the children every single day. Soon she hatched some more eggs.

One day, when the crows had gone out to get food for their babies, the wicked snake slithered up the tree and ate the babies.

When father and mother crow returned, they were very surprised to see that a few of their babies were missing. Mother crow searched around for them almost everywhere, crying and moping. However she could not locate them.

Father crow realized what had happened. So he told mother crow, Tomorrow, I will go alone to find the food. You look after the babies. “

But , the evil snake slithered up the tree and ate the babies right in front of mommy crow. She struggled and tried to peck at him, however snake was too fast. He gulped the babies and hurried back to his hole.

That evening, daddy crow came back home to find mother crow weeping! He was sad and upset with what the snake had done. So , father and mother crow made a decision to take the help of the clever old fox.

They visited him and said, “Sire, you have to help us. We have lost all our little ones to the wicked snake, who lives in the hole of our tree. “

The fox thought for some time and gave them an idea.

The following morning, the crows travelled to the river bank where the ladies of the royal family would come daily for a bath. Mommy crow picked up a pearl necklace and began flying back to the tree. Father crow cawed loudly, to draw the attention of the servants.

One of the ladies, who was swimming in the water noticed her necklace flying away and yelled, “Guards, What are you doing? That crow is flying away with my diamond necklace. Catch it! “

The guards ran after the crows. Quickly mother crow arrived at the tree and threw the necklace into the snake’s hole. The servants reached the tree and put a long stick inside the hole to pull out the diamond necklace.

lnstead of the necklace, the snake shown up. He hissed at them angrily. But this time, the servants were stronger than the snake.

They beat him to death using their sticks. Then they picked up the diamond necklace and walked away.

Daddy crow and mommy crow were very happy to find out that they had killed the one who had eaten up their little ones.


The Crows and the Evil Snake - A Panchatantra Story With Moral and Pictures
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