Cap Seller And Monkey Story With Moral

Outsmarting Mischief! A Cap Seller And Monkey Story with a Hilarious Twist

Once upon a time, a cap seller was traveling by walk by way of a forest to a village. It was a very warm day and so he chose to lay down under a tree and take sleep for sometime till the sun sets down. As he was extremely tired he slept quickly.

When he was sleeping several monkeys came down the tree and pulled the cap seller’s bag. They opened the bag and found the colourful caps inside. The monkeys picked up the caps and climbed back up the trees. The cap seller woke up after sometime and was surprised to find his opened bag and the monkeys all using his caps.

Cap seller Story With Pictures:

The cap seller became very upset, he shouted at the monkeys in the tree. The monkeys yelled back at him. This made the cap seller much more irritated. He picked up few stones from the ground and threw them at the monkeys. This time the monkeys threw the fruits they had in their hands at the cap seller.

Short story of The Cap Seller And The Monkeys
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Moral Story: The Cap Seller And The Monkeys

The cap seller was shocked at this actions of the monkeys. He thought for a while. This time, he taken off off the cap, he was wearing and threw it on the ground. The monkeys that were seeing him also did exactly the same. They threw all the caps on the ground.

The clever cap seller collected all the caps, filled them back in his travelling bag and moved away from that location.

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Newer Funny Version of The Cap Seller and The Monkey Story in English:

Years passed by, after many years, the grandson of that cap seller was again walking through the same forest together with his tote of caps. He rested under the exact same tree and even this time couple of monkeys took the caps and returned to the trees.

When the grandson got up and located the caps on the monkeys’ heads, he recalled the story of his smart grand-father. He waved his hands at the monkeys for which the monkeys also waved their hands. He picked up a stone and threw at them. The monkeys threw the fruits they had at him. The grandson smiled to himself and threw his cap on the ground.

For this, one of the monkey from the team came down and got that cap and went back to the tree. From the tree, that leader monkey said to the grandson – “do you only have a grand-father, even we do” and laughed.

The new cap seller was shocked and didn’t know what to do. :)

The news of his cleverness spread like wildfire, and soon, his cart was bustling once more, not just with customers, but with laughter and admiration.

And so, under the shade of the banyan tree, the cap seller’s tale became a local legend, a reminder that sometimes, the simplest solutions are the most delightful, and that a little bit of wit can go a long way, even against the most mischievous of monkeys.

Cap Seller Story Moral:

“Clever thinking can easily solve a problem”.

Short story of The Cap Seller And The Monkeys
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