The Mice and the Elephants Story With Moral | Panchatantra Short Stories for Kids

Panchatantra Short Stories for Kids - Elephant and Mice Story
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Panchatantra Short Stories for Kids – Elephant and Mice Story with Moral

Once upon a time, there lived several mice below a large tree in a forest. There were a large number of mice in that group. They used to live happily together and were headed by a King Mouse. The King was extremely kind and useful to others. He would tell his other mice to always be kind.

One day, a big group of elephants arrived near to the tree. They were looking for water because they were thirsty and exhausted. In such a situation, they did not see that mice living beneath the tree and demolished their homes accidentally. A few of the mice were also smashed under their feet and injured. The others started running here and there.

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They pleaded to their King, “Oh wise King, save us from these crazy elephants, or else they will demolish our homes. They will kill all of us! ” The King guaranteed his fellow mice, “Do not get worried my dear friends, nothing will happen. “

He then contacted the Chief of the elephants’ group. Rather than showing frustration, he nicely asked for the mighty Chief, “Sir, please guide your team from some other route and save our homes and lives. ” The Chief of elephants was kind and he understood the plight of the little mice. He said, “I am really sorry, my dear friend. We failed to notice your group residing here. We were thirsty and searching for water. “

The King of mice instructed him about a path where they might find drinking water. The elephants apologised to the mice and moved towards other route.

The King of mice said, “Look friends! We are saved and we learned a lesson today that with kind words, we can conquer any bad circumstance. “

One day, some elephant-hunters came to the forest and trapped all the elephants in huge nets. The elephants had lost all hope of escaping and believed that nobody could save their lives now. The Chief of elephants suddenly thought of the group of mice; they might be capable of chew through these nets! Since he was caught in the net, the Chief called out to a bird who was flying past.

He requested the bird to approach the king of mice and inform him about the situation. The bird immediately flew to the big tree and explained to the king of mice about the danger that the elephants confronted.

The king of mice said to all the mice, “We should all go and help them, for they were kind to us.”

Within a couple of minutes, thousands of mice arrived at there and chewed through all the nets by using their razor-sharp teeth, and set the elephants free.

The elephants thanked the mice over and over, and from that day onwards, they all resided happily together in the forest.

Panchatantra Short Stories for Kids with Moral: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Panchatantra Short Stories for Kids - Elephant and Mice Story
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