Mir was a servant who worked in the King’s palace. One day, it was the marriage of a rich merchant’s daughter.

Mir decided to attend wedding ceremony. When he arrived at the merchant’s house, he sat on one of the seats that had been placed for the wealthy people of the kingdom.

When the merchant noticed this, he rushed to Mir, and rudely asked him to get off the chair.

Mir was insulted and was really angry. He thought of an idea to avenge this awful insult.

The following day while he was at work at the King’s castle, he started muttering loudly, knowing very well that the King was walking towards him. He said, “Oh what a spouse the King has! She spends more of her time at the merchant’s residence instead of her own! “

The King was surprised to hear Mir saying this! He held Mir by the arm and yelled in frustration, “Can you prove what you are saying? You are insulting the Queen and me by saying such things!

Mir answered, “Sire, l don’t know what I was saying. l had a lot of drink last night, and should have muttered some thing. Please pardon me for this. “

But the seed of doubt had been rooted in the King’s mind.

He instantly stopped all the grants or loans he had given to the merchant, and threw him out of the position he held at the King’s court. The merchant could not realise why the King had all of a sudden beccme so upset with him.

He decided to seek an audience with the King and talk about the problem. However the King’s guards wouldn’t allow him inside.

Fortunately for him, Mir was passing by. Seeing that the merchant was in trouble, Mir went to the guards and said loudly, “Don’t you knew that he is the kingdom’s wealthiest merchant and a very respected man? ”

Hearing Mir’s words, the guards allowed the merchant to enter.

When the merchant came back home, he realised how unfair he had been to Mir at his daughter’s wedding ceremony. So he returned to the palace the next morning and apologised to Mir. He invited him home and gifted him with a pouch of silver coins.

Mir now made a decision to reverse the damage he had caused to the merchant.

Hence the following day while he was at work at the castle, he once again began muttering loudly seeing the King walking towards him. He said, “What a foolish King this empire has! He eats fruits in the bathroom! “

The King was shocked with what he heard. Then he thought to himself, “lf Mir could possibly say this about me in his drunken state, he must have been lying about the merchant and the Queen a few days ago. “

The King realized that he had acted in rush, and invited the merchant to the palace to make amends.