The Frog and The Rat Story

The Frog and The Rat Story
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Rat wants to swim across the river, but he can’t swim. Frog says “Can I help you?”

Rat is very happy. “Thank you Frog” he says. “You are very kind”.

Frog finds a long piece of rope. He ties one end to Rat’s tail and the other end to his leg.


Frog smiles but he is not really being kind. He is bad frog.

Frog pulls Rat into the water and starts swimming across the river.

Rat is scared. “Please help me!” he shouts. “Don’t worry” says Frog, still smiling.

They swim into the middle of the river. Suddenly Frog dives down into the water, pulling Rat down too.

Rat is very scared and swims hard back up to the surface. At last he can breathe.

Suddenly a big eagle swoops down and picks up Rat in his claws.

Frog’s leg is still tied to Rat’s tail! So Frog goes too!

“Rat help me!” shouts Frog. “I’m scared!”

“But you didn’t help me in the river” said Rat. “You dived too deep and I was scared.” “I’m very sorry” said Frog.

So Rat bit the claw and the eagle let go of Rat and Frog.

Rat and Frog fell from the sky into the river, splash! Rat’s tail is still tied to Frog’s leg.

Frog swims to the river bank and pulls Rat out. Then Frog unties the rope. “Oh thank you Frog!” says Rat.

Frog said, “You saved me from the eagle, so I saved you from the river. Thank you Rat”. “You’re welcome Frog” said Rat.

Morals: If you are kind to others, they will be kind to you.

The Frog and The Rat Story
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