The bear and The Two Friends Story

The bear and The Two Friends Story
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One day, Ramu had to leave for another village. So his mother said…

Child, since there is a forest on the way, do not go alone. Take your friend with you. It is said, it is always better to be double than single.

Ramu’s best friend was Shyamu. Shyamu readily agreed to go with Ramu. They left for next village.


They crossed the border of their own village. They crossed many fields.

At last they reached the forest. Together they chated and walked leisurely.

Suddenly Shyamu was startled, as some wild animal appeared. He ran and climbed a nearby tree.

Why did Shyamu run away in this way? What has happened?.

That very moment, Ramu saw a huge bear standing some distance away.

Shyamu ran for his life because of this bear. But he never made me alert. What should i do now?

Ramu had no time left even to escape. So he stopped his breathing and layed on the ground.

In few moment, the bear came very close to Ramu. He circumambulated Ramu, smelled his body. ‘Oh! A human, I will have a nice feast’.

Then he came more closer and brought his nose very close to Ramu’s ears. Ramu stopped his breathing and acted as if he was dead. ‘He is a dead human. I like to eat only live humans’.

Thinking Ramu to be dead the bear walked ahead. ‘Not my taste’.

Ramu kept hearing the crumbling of dried leaves as the bear walked away from over those leaves. The sound became lesser and lesser. At last it stopped entirely.

So Ramu very cautiously opened his eyes. He gradually rose and stood peacefully.

Meantime, Shyamu too got down from the tree. Hey Ramu, what did the bear whisper in your ears? Please tell me.

Bear told me, those who do not help during bad times, one should not make friendship with such people.

Morals: Friend in need is friend indeed.

The bear and The Two Friends Story
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