The Doctor Crane Story

The Doctor Crane Story
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Once a hungry wolf was in saerch of his prey. He spotted a goat. ‘Oh it will be wonderful to have this fat goat as my meal’.

The goat spotted the hungry wolf.’The wolf is cominig in my direction. I better run and save my life.’

The goat started to run. Before the poor goat can escape, the wolf pounced and instantly killed him.


He started to enjoy the flesh of the goat. ‘Wow! Very tasty!’. While relishing the flesh of the goat, suddenly…Aah! Something is hurting my throat badly.’

‘Oh! It is a piece of bone of the goat. It is neithe coming out nor going in. I am helpless. It is hurting me. If I try to eat it pains me even more.’

He spotted a crane. ‘This crane has a long beak. Let me take his help to remove the bone that is stuck in my throat. I can then enjoy the goat’s flesh.’

Dear crane. How are you?.

This hungry wolf is planning to allure me. Better I fly immediately. thought the crane.

‘My dear crane do noyt worry. I will not harm you. I need your help. If you help me, then i will gift you something very useful’.

‘What helpdo you want from me?’.

‘There is a painful bone piece stuck on my throat. Can you please remove it with your long beak?’.

‘I will remove the bone piece but you will have to reward me nicely.

The wolf opened his mouth wide. The crane immediately pulled out the bone piece.

Swiftly the wolf started to walk away…

‘Hey! Where is my gift? You are not even thanking me for relieving you of the painful bone.’

‘Thank me that I let you go alive. If you want the reward then you will have to enter my stomach!’.

‘Forget the gift. I better save my life’. said the crane.

Morals: Expect No reward for serving the wicked.

The Doctor Crane Story
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