The Scared Rabbit Story

The Scared Rabbit Story
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Once upon a time the rabbits were having a serious meeting. ‘What kind of life is this! All the animals in the jungle are more powerful than us’ said one rabbit.

‘How long can we can stay like this? Even if a leaf falls from the tree, we get scared. It is better to die than to live always live in fear’. said another rabbit.


This is true. we are living a life full of fear and anxieties. Better we commit suicide.

‘You are correct. However, we cannot commit suicide. How will we explain the suicide to God?’

‘We will question God as to why he made us suck weak and fearful animals.’

Thus thinking like this, all the rabbits decide to commit suicide by jumping together in river. They all went towards ro river to commit suicide.

The frogs on the river bank saw the rabbits approaching.

Oh! Lets run the rabbits have come. God help us!

Immediately all the frogs jumped in the river.

Seeing the frogs suddenly jump out of fear, the rabbits got astonished.

‘Wow! They got so scared of us. Poor fellows! We are not the weakest. Hence, we should not become depressed and commit suicide.’ All rabbits discussed among each other.

All were happy…

We are not only ones. We are stronger than so many creatures. We should thank God. We must live! Yes must live!

Morals: Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from the negative.

The Scared Rabbit Story
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