‘The Little Mermaid Original Story’ Will Make You Cry!

Little Mermaid Original Story Summary:

Deep in the ocean there lived a little mermaid, her name was Ani. She was very pretty and sang better than any other mermaid. Ani swam and played throughout the day with her 4 older sisters. They loved their water world.

Each sister was permitted to swim to the surface of the sea on her birthday. “I can’t wait to go to the the surface, ” said Ani.

Ani’s birthday finally came, she kissed her father and swam up and looked above the waves. What she spotted was amazing. Fireworks were lighting up. A good looking prince sailing by on a huge ship. The little mermaid fell in love with him.

But shortly a storm came, rain dropped from the sky, thunder exploded and lightening crashed! lightening hit the ship. The prince was tossed over the side. Ani dove deep into the water to save the prince.

The Little Mermaid Original Story With Pictures:

The Little Mermaid Original Story
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The Little Mermaid Shortl Story With Summary

Ani brought the prince safely and securely to shore. She anxiously waited along with him through the night. At dawn he awoke. He saw Ani’s pretty face. The prince was about to say thanks to Ani. However she jumped into the water and swam back home.

“I am deeply in love with a prince” she shared with her sisters. I want to be human so that I can marry him, I want legs instead of tail! ‘

Only one person could make you human being. ” said a sister. ‘The Sea Witch’

Ani was worried, however she wanted to be with the prince. So She swam to the Sea Witch.

“I have a miracle potion” said the witch. “It will make you human. But you can never again be a mermaid. In return, you must give me your voice. “

The little mermaid was not sure what to do. She dearly loved to swim in the water. She loved her sisters and her father and liked to sing. However she loved the prince as well and wished to marry him. Therefore she drank the potion.

It was night time, Ani wasn’t able to see properly, she swam to land and fell asleep and woke up in the morning close to a large palace. Her tail was gone. In its place were two legs.

As she stood up, a man arrived of the palace. It was the royal prince! The prince saw her and walked over. “I know your face, Who are you” he asked, but when she tried to talk, her voice was gone.

Ani stayed at the prince’s palace. The prince fell in love with the quiet, beautitul girl. Ani wished she could tell the prince who she actually was.

One night, Ani was sitting on the shore. 4 mermaids were pepped above the water. They were Ani’s sisters.

“We spoke to the Sea Witch” they said. She gave us a Potion to bring your tone of voice back. In exchange, we gave her our hair. ” They gave Ani the bottle. She drank the potion.

The next morning, Ani awoke and went to see the prince. Ani began to sing to the prince. “Your voice… you can speak! ” said the royal prince.

Ani told the prince exactly how she saved him in the thunderstorm. And how she had become human being.

“I love you” Ani said to the prince. The prince smiled and said, “I love you, too’ and they married and lived happily.


The Little Mermaid Original Story
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