There was a clever fox in a forest. Once, he was roaming in the forest to? find his food. Suddenly, he spotted fine, fat rooster seated on the branch of a very high tree, looking at the dense forest around him.

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The fox realized that he could not climb up the tree to kill the rooster, and so he thought about, “How can I get this rooster for my meal? lf l simply request him to come down, he won’t trust my motives. ”

The fox thought of a trick. He cunningly asked the rooster, “Dear buddy, why are you sitting so high on the tree? Are you afraid of somebody? Do you not really know what the king of the forest has decided in a meeting of animals today? ”

The rooster said innocently, “No, I have no clue of that. Please explaine to me the king’s decision. ” The fox continued, “The judgement is that from now onwards, pets or animals and birds will not kill one another for meals. Bigger? fish will not eat smaller fish. ”

The rooster sensed that something was really wrong. This couldn’t be true. He asked, “Does that mean the lions, tigers, and leopards will begin feeding on grass from today? ” The fox had absolutely no answer for this. But he didn’t want to give up so easily.

He said, “I can see you’re not assured. Come down, let us go to the King and ask for the clarification of this point. He will definitely reply to our questions. After all, he has decided this for the best interests of everybody. ”

The rooster was intelligent enough to recognise the fox’s trick. He said, “You are correct, we should visit the King with regard to clarification. Why do we not take together some more buddies with us? It will be more beneficial if ever more animals will come to know about this decision. ”

Thinking that he had succeeded in his strategy, the fox said, “Yes, yes, why not? We can take some other animals along. But first, you come down, then we can look for them. ”

The fox was expecting the rooster to come dowm. He was excited.

All of a sudden, the rooster said, “We are lucky, we do not have to search for other friends. I can see a few of your friends are merely arriving at this side. They are about to reach this spot. We can take them along”

The fox said, “Oh, that is good! But who are these creatures? ”

The rooster replied, “I can see a large number of hounds approaching this way. I hope they are great friends with you? ”

“Hounds! ” the fox yelled in panic. He started running for precious life. The rooster questioned, “Why are you running now? You have just informed me that every the animals and birds have become good friends with one another. ”

The fox answered, “But probably the hounds might possibly not have heard about this judgement. ” He ran away into the dense forest. The rooster laughed on the fox’s stupid strategy. All the birds relaxing on the tree cheered the rooster’s humor.

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