A Foolish Offer – The Jackal and Camel Story | Tales of Panchatantra

Once upon a time, in a jungle lived three friends – jackal, leopard and crow. The three friends served the lion – the king of the jungle.

The Camel and The Jackal Story - A Panchatantra Story
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A Foolish Story – The Camel and The Jackal Story – A Panchatantra Story

One day, they found a camel roaming in the forest. One look at the frightened camel, the lion took pity on him and said, “Do not be worried, my friend. From today, you have me as your saviour. You can reside here cheerfully, and feed on the grass, which is there in plenty. ”

The camel was very happy and resided with the three friends.

Sadly, the lion got into a fight with a outrageous elephant. The elephant wounded the lion badly, and he became very weak. He could not hunt for himself or the other animals who served him.

The leopard and jackal would hunt food for their master everyday, but one day, they were left with nothing to hunt. They went to the lion and explained, “Master, we have searched almost everywhere, but could hardly hunt an animal. Why don’t we kill the camel and eat it? ”

The lion was really upset. He roared, “Don’t you remember that I guaranteed him security? ” The jackal replied, “My lord! There is no need to kill him. What if he offers himself to you? If you don’t accept, then remember, you will not be able to live, and all of us will die along with you. ”

“That is even worse! ” said the lion. “If the camel presents himself to me, I will kill him for food, but only if he offers… ”

The jackal smiled as he had already made a plan. He called his close friends together – the crow, leopard and camel. He said, “Friends, there is absolutely no food for our master for the past couple of days. He may die of hunger if this continues. I believe we should offer ourselves as food one by one. ” All the animals agreed and visited the lion.

The leopard was the first to begin. He said, “Oh master! Please kill me and have me as food. That way, all of you will survive. ” The lion was surprised and said, “You are a part of my family. How can I think about such an act? ”

Then it was the jackal’s turn. He also made exactly the same offer as the leopard, and the lion rejected. The crow was not enough to be any animal’s food. So , it was lastly the turn of the camel.

“The lion has not killed any of his devoted servants. Why then would he kill me? ” assumed the camel, and offered himself to the lion. But to his shock, as soon as he finished with offering himself, all the animals jumped on him at the same time and killed him. This simply shows one should always be smart and never rely on someone blindly.

The Camel and The Jackal Story - A Panchatantra Story
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