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There was a group of monkeys who resided together close to a small, carpenters’ village. They would feed on the peanuts and bananas that the carpenters and their families would throw out to them from time to time.

The Carpenter and the Monkey Story with illustration
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The Carpenter and the Monkey Story – A Panchatantra Story

But there were one monkey who has been very curious. He would always be informed by his friends, who would tell him, “Don’t allow your curiosity get you into problem! “

But the monkey would always respond, “I am more smart compared to all of you. I like to learn about new things which is not bad at all! ” The other monkeys would shrug and move on…

One day, the curious monkey sat observing a carpenter who was dividing a log of wood with two wedges. He first forced the smaller wedge into the crack, so as to keep it open.

Then when the crack has become larger, he put in a bigger wedge by hammering it in. And then, he pulled out the smaller wedge that he had put in.

The monkey thought to himself, “How exciting is that! I wish I really could do it as well. ” But , how could he when the carpenters were around? So he sat with patience, waiting for the carpenters to go away.

Soon it was lunch break and the carpenters decided to go home for their meal. The monkey was happy. He jumped on to the carpenter’s seat.

Unfortunately for him, his tail slipped into the crack in the wood, without his knowledge. He put in the first wedge, just the manner the carpenter had done. However he had neglected the other steps and pulled out the first wedge before hammering in the 2nd one. The two sides of the wood immediately sprang together, and trapped the monkey’s tail between them!

The monkey was now trapped and in pain! Soon he could see the carpenters walking in direction of him. But he could do nothing!

The carpenters spotted the caught monkey and realised what he had done. They gave him a strong beating and then let him go. The monkey ran back to his friends, but had learned never to meddle with other people’s things!

The Carpenter and the Monkey Story with illustration
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