The Talking Cave Story with Moral | Panchatantra Stories in English

Long ago, there resided a lion. He was aged and not very strong any longer. Once, he failed to get any prey for two days. He tried to search for food almost everywhere but could hardly find a thing. He has become really weak.

The Talking Cave Story in English
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The Talking Cave Story With Moral in English

One day, while he was roaming in the jungle hopelessly, he discovered a cave. He assumed, “There must be some animal inside this cave. I will hide myself behind the bushes. When the occupant will come out, I will eat it. “

He hid himself behind the bushes and waited for several hours however no one came out of the cave. He was hungry terribly and got frustrated. Suddenly he thought, “Maybe the occupant is somewhere out in the forest. I should wait inside the cave, not outside. “

Looking around the cave, the lion quietly got inside, believing, “Now, this is an excellent plan. I will jump on the animal the moment it enters the cave. ” Again he anxiously waited for hours but there was nobody. He was losing his tolerance.

After some time, a fox came towards the cave. The cave belonged to her. The fox was very intelligent. She was residing in that cave for a long time and was familiar with the surroundings of the cave, and sensed that something was certainly wrong.

She was walking quite slowly and quietly towards cave. All of a sudden, she realized the footprints of a lion going towards the cave and thought, “It appears like a lion has entered my cave. How do I ensure that if he is still inside, waiting? “

The fox used her presence of mind. She played a trick. She was standing at some distance from the cave in order to save herself in case there is a sudden attack and shouted, “Hello cave! I have come back. Why are you so quiet today, my dear cave? May I come in and occupy my residence? “

On receiving no response, she once again shouted, “Are you upset with me, dear cave? See, unless you welcome me in the regular way, I will go to some other cave. I will never ever return to you again! “

Listening to this, the lion thought, “Ah, the cave I am hiding in, should certainly be a talking cave! The cave is keeping silent because of my presence inside. If the cave will not response to the fox’s query, the fox should go away. “

Thinking that he was very smart, the lion responded in a roaring voice on behalf of the cave, “I have not ignored my practice of talking to you when you come, my dear fox. I slept so I possibly could not listen to your voice. Please come in. “

And now, the smart fox was sure that a cruel lion was hiding in her cave. She ran away very quickly. She was pleased with the trick she had played. While running, she laughed and said to herself, “Only a stupid would certainly think that a cave can talk! “

Morals: Presence of mind is the best weapon to guard oneself in every sphere of life.

The Talking Cave Story in English
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