The Poor Horse and the Lion Story | Panchatantra Stories in English With Moral

Once upon a time, there was a farmer who had a horse. Now, the poor horse had become aged, sick and tired, and so the farmer assumed that the old horse was useless to him. He started treating the horse as a burden.

The Poor Horse and the Lion Story - Panchatantra Story
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Panchatantra Story in English With Moral – The Poor Horse and the Lion Story

Finally, the farmer asked the horse to get away from his house and to go live in the forest. The horse became very sad and started crying. He thought, “Now, when I am aged and desperate, my master is treating me badly. “

He asked his master, “Master, I have always been your devoted servant. I have worked hard every single day for several years. How could you ask me to leave the house at this old age? Is this the incentive I am getting for my loyalty and work? “

On listening to this, the farmer had no answer so he kept a condition to keep the horse at home. He said, “Alright, you can reside in my house, provided you bring me a lion. I want a lion’s skin. “

The horse was really worried at this option, but he set out for the forest. He realized that it was an extremely difficult task and he would not be able to do it.

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He reached the forest where he met a fox. The fox was clever and sensible. They became close friends. The horse shared with the fox about his story. She took pity on the horse and guaranteed him that she’d think of an idea in order to get over his problem.

Very soon, she had an excellent idea. There was a harsh lion in that forest. He was the king and all the animals used to live in fear of him. The fox requested the horse to lay down on the ground and pretend that he was dead.

Then she visited the lion and explained to him, “Your Majesty, there exists a dead horse in the forest. It is my responsibility to inform you. I will take you to that place. ” The lion was pleased to hear that, and he followed the fox.

On reaching the spot, the fox explained, “Let us pull this dead horse right behind the bushes so that you could have a peaceful dinner. I will tie his tail to yours to ensure that we could drag him behind. ” The lion agreed without having a question.

Instead of tying the tail, the smart fox tied lions leg with the horse’s tail. She then asked the horse to run at top speed till he reached his master’s house. The horse started running as speedy as he could.

The lion could hardly do a thing other than roar and cry with pain. He was pulled like a dead animal and was slammed against many stones and rocks and injured all over and began bleeding. By the time the horse reached his master’s home, the lion was dead.

The farmer was surprised to see the dead lion with the horse and not anticipated the old horse to be successful. He was pleased to see the horse’s dedication¬† and said “My dear friend, you can really do nearly anything for me. You can live with me forever. “

Panchatantra Stories in English With Moral: “You will never regret working hard, because hard work always pays off.”

The Poor Horse and the Lion Story - Panchatantra Story
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1 thought on “The Poor Horse and the Lion Story | Panchatantra Stories in English With Moral”


    Is it a moral to be followed.
    Kids may learn to adopt unethical means to achieve their goal.
    Better change this as under:
    The desperate Horse went to forest to leave please fully at mercy of jungle animals.
    While passing by the jungle he saw a lion running.
    The horse started to run to reach the lion to ask for the solution of his condition.
    when he reached besides the lion, the hunter who were chasing the lion fired bullet that hit the leg of lion.
    The horse asked the lion to ride on his back.
    With the lion on his back horse started running and crossed over a canyon,
    The hunters than could not cross the canyon.
    The horse took the loin to a safe place.
    Being thank full to horse, the lion asked to do anything for helping him.
    The hesitated to disclose his Masters demand, for which he had been to forest..
    The lion assured horse for not hurting him, even if he demands his life, that he saved from hunters.
    The horse narrated all that was happened with him with his master, and the demand of master for caring hem for rest of his life.
    The lion laughed at this , and said it is simple for him to satisfy demand of master of horse.
    The lion made big roar to call his lioness and pubs to chase the hunters from different direction an d drive them out of jungle.
    The lion than took the horse at the place, where his colleague lion was lying killed by hunters, and than followed him to kill.
    The lion asked Horse to take the dead lion to his master.
    The horse had the dead lion on his back and went to his master.
    The Lion followed the Horse, and told his Master that he was not honest to honor his responsibility to take care of the horse who served till his capacity for many years.
    The lion asked the horse to follow him to jungle, he assured him to give security from other wild animals, and horse can enjoy freedom to eat green grass, which was opulent in the jungle.
    This is the end of a loyal, helping, and caring for each other story of the Horse , His Master and Lion.

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