Cinderella Short Story – Classic Fairy Tales For Kids

Cinderella Short Story Summary:

Once upon a time, a wealthy merchant resided with his little girl. He dearly loved the girl for her beautiful face and her nice heart. But after his wife passed away, he decided to marry a second time, and his new wife was self-centered and unkind. She had two daughters of her own who were exactly like her. The stepmother forced her stepdaughter to clean the pans and pots, scrub the floors, and tend the fireplace.

Short Story of Cinderella with Pictures:

Cinderella Short Story
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Cindrella Short Story Summary

The poor girl did not have even a bed of her own, but lay down by the fireplace each night and rose early in the day covered with cinders. And thus her stepsisters called her “Cinderella. “

One day the king sent word that he would hold a grand ball. There, the prince would likely pick a spouse.

“I shall wear my red velvet with the lace! ” expressed the older sister.

“I’ll be dressed in my satin with the golden blossoms! ” said the younger one.

Cinderella gathered up her daring to ask a question. “Can’t I-. ” she said.

“Hand me my tights. ” said the older stepsister.

“May I-.” asked Cinderella.

“Tie this bows in my hair. ” said younger stepsister.

“Please, can Igo to the ball?” asked Cinderella.

“Certainly not! ” said her stepmother. And the stepmother and stepsisters swept off in their carriage to the castle. leaving behind Cinderella alone.

Cinderella sat by the fireplace. A gentle tone of voice asked. “Why are you crying? ”

Cinderella jumped up. There in the kitchen stood a lady with the kindest face she had ever before seen.

“Don’t worry, my dear. ” the woman said. “I am your fairy godmother, and I will send you to definitely the grand ball! “

“But, Godmother. ” said Cinderella. “I do not have carriage or horses or even a outfit to wear! “

“Never fear, ” said her godmother. “And get me a pumpkin from the backyard. “

Confused, Cinderella picked a fat orange pumpkin.

The godmother touched the pumpkin with the miracle of her wand…… and it converted into a stylish coach. The magic transformed six mice into six prancing horses, two lizards into two very pleased footmen, and a rat into a plump coachman.

When the wand brushed Cinderella’s cloths. she was dressed in light blue velvet and silver silk. On her feet were a couple of glass slippers, delicate as icicles.

“You are dressed like a princess or queen! ” said her godmother. “Behave like one too. Be kind and respectful to all you meet. And depart the ball well before midnight. or everything that my spells have created will disappear. “

Cinderella promised to come house by midnight and rode off to the ball.

When Cinderella walked into the ballroom, the fiddlers paused on their guitar strings. The ballroom dancers craned their necks to see her. The prince bowed low and requested her to dance.

Whispers raced through the audience.

“She must be a princess or queen from some foreign land. ”

How beautifully she dances! “

“What a sweet smile! ”

“Why, the prince can’t keep his eyes off her!”

But Cinderella remembered her godmother’s words.

Before midnight, she curtsied to the prince and rushed out the door.

Just as Cinderella’s coach folded up in front of her house, the church clock struck twelve times. Cinderella uncovered herself in rags yet again, sitting on a pumpkin. with mice and lizards and a big rat at her feet.

The following night, the king held one more ball. Cinderella’s godmother sent her in a gown of white silk dazzling with gemstones and the exact same glass slippers. The prince danced with no one else.

“But please,” he begged. “won’t you tell me your name?”

Cinderella hesitated. And the clock knocked the first stroke of midnight.

Cinderella slipped from the prince’s forearms and ran towards the door.

“Wait! ” he cried. running after her. But when he checked outside, the beautiful princess was nowhere found. He could see just a poor little servant girl with a pumpkin in her hands.

On the stairs was one of the glass slippers.

When Cinderella’s stepsisters arrived home, they were filled with stories about the mystical princess.

“The prince swears he’ll bring that slipper to each home in the empire! ” exclaimed the younger stepsister. “And he will marry the lady whose foot matches it! “

“Well, ” said the elder one, “that woman shall be me! “

“No,” said the younger, “me!”

The very next day the prince arrived. A servant followed him, holding the glass slipper.

The older stepsister seated on a stool. She pushed and forced until she cried. Yet she wasn’t able to get her foot into the shoe.

The younger stepsister tried out next. She wiggled and turned until she sobbed. But her foot wouldn’t fit either.

Then the prince heard a calm voice requesting. “May I try, too? “

“Get back to your kitchen!” cried the stepmother.

But the prince recalled Cinderella’s voice and her gentle eyes and her lovely smile. He knelt and slipped the shoe on Cinderella’s foot. He was not shocked when she drew the matching slipper from her pocket and positioned it on her other foot.

“You are the little princess I danced with! ” he said. “I knew it the minute I saw you! “

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Cinderella and the prince were hitched as soon as the wedding banquet could be organized. And Cinderella, who was as good as she was lovely, invited her stepsisters and her stepmother to the wedding ceremony. Her stepmother was too out of forms to dance, and as for the stepsisters, their feet were too stiff and sore from trying on the slipper. It was weeks prior to they had retrieved enough to dance even a jig.

But Cinderella and her prince lived cheerfully ever after.


Cindrella Short Story
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