Rapunzel Story – Classic Fairy Tales For Kids

Once upon a time, there resided a farmer and his wife in a small cottage. Although very poor, they were spending their days quite happily.

Behind the couple’s appartement was a wonderful garden. It had plants filled with blossoms, green natural herbs and fresh rampion. The lady often looked into the backyard with wishing eyes.

Rapunzel Story - Classic Fairy Tales For Kids
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Rapunzel – A Classic Fairy Tales

In fact , she had a keen wish to have some rampion for a delicious salad. The farmer loved his wife very very much. So he clambered over the wall into the garden and carried a handful of rampion to her.

The farmer’s wife was overjoyed to get the rampion yet she desired more of it. So she asked him to go into the backyard again and get even more rampion. The farmer decided to do so but following the nightfall for worry about being caught.

The garden was, actually owned by an wicked witch. She was away in the forest by day time and came back to the garden at nighttime. When she spotted the farmer plucking rampion, she yelled, “How dare you steal rampion from my backyard? “

The farmer got scared and begged, “Forgive me, please. ” The evil witch spoke in a much softer voice, “Okay, I will permit you to go if you produce your first child. The worried farmer agreed and left the place.

One year later, a beautiful baby-girl was born to the couple. They were happy. But they did not realize that the wicked witch could oversee them from her very own house.

The next early morning, the evil witch visited the farmer’s cottage and grabbed the baby-girl from the couple saying, “This little girl belongs to me as per your promise. ”

Even though, the farmer and his wife felt extremely aggrieved, but they allow the wicked witch take their little girl away in order to be faithful to their promise.

The witch named the little girl ‘Rapunzel’. She brought up her adoringly just as if she were her real mother. The girl also dearly loved the witch from the core of her heart.

Rapunzel was raised into a best child under the sun. She had a fair skin tone and blue adorable eyes. But most wonderful feature about her appearance was her long golden hair.

When Rapunzel was 12 years old, the evil witch closed her up inside the top tower of a castle in the middle of a forest.

The tower had neither stairs nor any kind of door, but only a compact window. When the witch wished to enter the tower, she stood underneath it and called out, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel! let down your golden hair. “

Rapunzel would let her lengthy golden hair fall out of the window in order that the witch might hold it and climb up to the window and get into the tower.

As for Rapunzel, she spent almost all of her time standing next to the window singing merrily to the birds that travelled by the window.

One fine day, a young prince passed by the fort and heard a melodious voice coming from within the tower.

Thrilled by the charming tone of voice, the prince stood still staring at the tower Suddenly he saw the witch go up and shout out, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel! let down your golden hair. “

As soon as the witch quit, the prince went up to the tower and called out, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel! let down your golden hair. ” Instantly the hair droped down and he climbed up.

Rapunzel was shocked to see the prince as she hadn’t seen anybody so far other than the wicked witch.

Captivated to see Rapunzel’s natural beauty, the prince fell in love with her and requested her to marry him. Both started to meet privately each day in the absence of the witch.

One day, by mistake Rapunzel told the witch, “You are extremely weighty for me to draw up compared to my prince. ” Listening to these words, the wicked witch flew into a violent rage.

Mad in anger, the witch took a pair of scissors and cut off Rapunzel’s beautiful golden hair.

“You wicked child! you have betrayed me, ” the witch cried in frustration and took Rapunzel to a desert where she had to live a miserable life.

That evening the prince arrived as always and called out, “Rapunzel! let down your golden hair. ” The witch thought to trick him by tossing her own hair outside the window for him to climb up.

As the prince was climbing up holding the witch’s hair, she cut-off her own hair with scissors. So the prince fell straight down and landed on thorns.

The thorns pierced the prince’s sight. He smarted in severe pain and even lost his vision..

The evil witch currently being left alone in thecastle tower assumed, “The prince has come to take away Rapunzel but he will never ever see her again. “

The prince, even though blind and broken-hearted now, out to look for Rapunzel. He kept roaming through the thick forest everyday.

Fortunately for the prince, he arrived at the desert one day. All of a sudden Rapunzel noticed him and ran to him. The sightless prince fell over the sand. Seeing the sorry plight of her prince, she fell over him weeping. A couple of her tears landed into the prince’s eyes and he could see once again.

The prince and Rapunzel were overjoyed to meet one another yet again. Riding his white horse, the prince took Rapunzel to his dad’s empire.

The prince and Rapunzel were received joyfully by the king and his queen. Eventually, they were married with great luxus and show.

In due course, Rapunzel gave delivery to a good looking baby-boy. They all lived gladly with each other ever after.


Rapunzel Story - Classic Fairy Tales For Kids
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