Once upon a time, there were living a bear family in the middle of a forest. The three family members were big Daddy Bear, lovely Mommy Bear and cute Baby Bear. They had created their house within the twisted roots of an aged oak tree. Father Bear had a good earnings and had therefore furnished all things of ease and comfort for his family members in the small house.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Story With Pictures
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Classic Fairy Tales For Kids – Goldilocks and the Three Bears Story

One morning, Baby Bear requested his mommy to make him some porridge for breakfast. “Why not darling, ” she said and started preparations to make a large pot of tasty porridge. She place it in three bowls. Since the porridge was too hot to eat immediately, Daddy Bear advised they should go for a walk in the forest. “When we come back, the porridge will be just right to eat. ” he said. Hence all went for a walk.

On the very border of the forest, a little girl, named Goldilocks, lived with her parents in their home. She got her name from her curly hair which shined just like gold in the sunlight. Goldilocks was a really mischievous little girl who was always up to some mischief. One morning, she went for a walk in the forest. She noticed the door of the home where bears resided at liberty. “I wonder just what it’s like inside, ” she imagined and climbed inside.

Goldilocks located herself in a small kitchen. She saw 3 bowls of different size on a kitchen table. They were all filled with sweet-smelling porridge. The smell made Goldilocks hungry. “Ill try a little porridge, ” she thought and took a spoonful from the biggest bowl. However it was very hot. She place the spoon down.

And then, she tested some porridge from the medium-sized bowl. It also was too hot to consume. “I will try the smallest bowl. It should be cool enough. ” She was right, The porridge in the smallest bowl was perfect. It was very delicious indeed. She quickly emptied the bowl.

Then, she moved into the room beside the kitchen. The room was clean and organised. There were three chairs in the room. Goldilocks jumped onto one of them. It belonged to Father Bear. “It’s much too high for me, ” she said and climbed down right away.

“I need to sit on this smaller sized chair. It appears just the right size for me. ” she thought and sat down on the medium-sized chair but observed it 1″ very hard. “I cannot sit down here for long. ” she thought after seated on it for quite a while. It was Mother Bear’s chair.

Then she looked at the third chair. It had vibrant pillows on it. The seat too was made of very soft foam. It was slightly smaller for Goldilocks’ size however it was incredibly appealing. So , she decided to sit on it.

But the chair gave away, the moment. she sat on it. It fell to many pieces. The chair belonged to Baby Bear and could certainly not carry Goldilocks weight. Goldilocks cursed and got up. Thank God! she was not hurt. She searched around the room for some place just where she could very well rest for some time. “I am so exhausted. I will need to find some place to relax, ” she said to herself, as she stood there wondering what to do next. She chose to check out the other bedrooms of the house prior to making up her mind.

She went upstairs. She was thrilled to find out three comfortable beds in a bedroom there. She flung herself on the largest bed which belonged to Daddy Bear. She tried to sleep but the mattress was quite hard. She switched sides for a while after which jumped onto another bed. This bed was of moderate size and belonged to Mommy Bear. Here too. she could hardly sleep for long. She didn’t find it comfy enough. She got up and tested out the 3rd bed. The tiniest bed was Perfect. As soon as she lay down on it. she went to deep sleep. This bed belonged to Baby Bear.

Meanwhile, the 3 bears came back from their early morning walk. They had walked quite a distance and thus felt really hungry. The moment Father Bear lifted his bowl he could believe that someone has been eating his porridge. “I think somebody unlawfully entered into our house while we were away. ” he called his wife.

“You are correct, dear. Someone has been eating my porridge as well. ” she said, as she looked over her bowl of porridge. They were very shocked. They assumed and thought. “Who could it be? We’ve been residing here for several years now but nobody has ever dared intrude into our home. We will have to figure out. ” said Daddy Bear angrily.

As the Mother and the Father were talking about this, they heard Baby Bear crying and moping. “What is the matter, darling? ” they looked towards Baby Bear, “Why are you crying? ” “Someone has eaten all my porridge. I have absolutely nothing left in my bowl. I am really hungry, ” Baby Bear cry more louder. He showed his empty bowl to his mom and dad. The bears were extremely in a shock. “Who was this enemy? “

Mommy Bear noticed some footprints within the room. The foot prints led them to another room. They were surprised to see Baby Bear’s broken chair in this living room. Baby Bear began sobbing once again. “Someone has been sitting on my chair, ” said Daddy Bear, checking out his chair. “And on mine, too, ” Mother Bear was investigating her chair with wide eyes.

“Let’s check the bed rooms if they have been there as well, “

Mommy Bear said and led them 2nd floor. “Look, they have our beds, ” Father Bear said as he looked at the bed.

Somebody is still here and sleeping in my bed, ” Baby Bear had seen Goldilocks resting in his bed.

Goldilocks was awoken by the sound. As she opened her eyes, she found 3 bears standing just before her. She was frightened. She got out from the bed and ran straight down with all the daring she could gather. She did not take a look back until she reached home.

“Poor girl, how scared she looked! ” Daddy Bear said, joking. •

“I believe the girl lost her way, ” joined in the mommy Bear.

“But she has damaged my chair, silly girl, ” said Baby Bear.


Goldilocks and the Three Bears Story With Pictures
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