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Puss in Boots Story Summary:

This is a story of Puss in Boots. Smart Puss helps his master make his fortune. In return, Puss asked for a pair of boots. Why did he ask for a pair of boots? How did he help the master? Let us read the story.

Once upon a time there resided a poor miller who had three sons. When he died, all he held was divided between his sons. The mill he left to the oldest donkey to the second. and to the youngest he left the cat.

The youngest son was really unhappy. “Alas! ” he said. “this cat is useless to me and I am too poor to take care of her”.

Puss jumped and said, “Don’t worry master. I will get your living for you. Do what I tell you and find out how much I can do to benefit you. Only buy me a hat. a pair of boots and a large bag. ‘

The miller’s son invested his last pennies and gave her a really smart hat, set of brown colored boots along with a nice large bag. The cat put on her new pair of boots and at once went out into the garden. This was Puss-in-Boots.

Puss in Boots Story with Pictures

Puss in Boots Story with Pictures
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puss in boots story summary

She picked up some carrots from the backyard and put them in the bag. Puss went into the warren and put her bag down with its mouth wide open so that the carrots could possibly be seen. She hid herself behind a low hedge.

As the little greedy rabbits sniffed the fresh carrots. hopped into the bag to eat it. Puss jumped quickly and pulled the thread off the bag, and carried them off to her master.

Puss carried the bag with fat rabbit on her shoulder and arrived at the king’s palace. She bowed before the king, and said, ‘Your majesty’, I have something special for you from the estate of my master, the Prince of Carabas. Taking a fine rabbit out of her bag, she said, ‘My master has sent this rabbit for you with his respects. The king accepted the gift and ordered his head cook to dress the rabbit for dinner.

In the days that, Puss in Boots frequently visited the king, holding hares, partridges, and parrots, presenting all of them to the king in the name of Prince of Carabas. Inform your master, said the king, that I am very happy to accept his gifts.

One day, they walked to a river, and the cat asked the young man to get undressed and to enter into the water. “Wait for me there” said the cat, as he putt on the young man’s boots. “Please help my owner the prince, who -has been attacked by some bandits”, the cat said to the king.

“If this cat is wearing boots, definitely the prince must be very rich” thought the king. So he personally traveled to meet the fake prince.

The king took the young man to the palace “where he was dressed in the very best! outfits. There, the young man met the princess, with whom he fell in love.

But soon after, troubles started. “The king would like to know where my castle is. What should I tell him” said the young man.

The cat looked for the king and said “My master invites you to pay a visit to his castle next week”. The king was happy and accepted the invitation.

The cat visited a neighboring kingdom and discovered of the existence of a castle where an ogre lived. The cat reached the castle and thought of an idea to get rid of the ogre.

“They say that with your amulet you can change yourself into any kind of animal, but I do not really believe it” said the cat.

“A wolf, that is really easy” said the cat. “let’s see if you are able to turn yourself into a, little mouse.”

As soon as the ogre changed himself into a mouse, the cat took the amulet from him and threw the ogre out of the castle.

Quickly, the cat organized the castle to receive the guests.

king allowed the young man to get married to the princess, after his visit to the castle.

The new prince honored the cat by naming him advisor to the palace.


Puss in Boots Story with Pictures
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