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Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, a little princess named Rose was born.

The king and queen organised a great feast to celebrate her birth. The whole empire, including Rose’s 4 fairy godmothers, came to the castle for the grand occasion.

The fairy godmothers presented gifts to Rose. “My gift Is a kind heart,” said the first.

“Mine is the gift of a playful spirit.” said the second fairy godmother.

“Mine is the gift of wisdom,” said the third.

Sleeping Beauty Short Story
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Sleeping Beauty Short Story Summary

All of a sudden, a great crash of thunder erupted in the sky. The doors to the hall burst open. In stepped the wicked empress, who ruled the dark forest outside the kingdom.

“It appears you forgot to invite me, ” the empress scolded the king and queen. “No matter. I have my own present for the sweet little princess. “

The empress walked to the baby crib and looked down at the sleeping baby. “Yes, little princess. You will grow up to be kind and playful and wise. However in your 18th year you will prick your finger on a spinning wheel and fall dead. “

The thunder crashed again, and the wicked empress disappeared.

The king and queen were scared. “What can we do to save our child? ” the king cried.

The fourth fairy godmother now offered her gift to Rose. “I cannot alter the empress’s spell. ” she said, “but I can soften it. Princess Rose will not die, but actually will fall into a deep, sleep. Her true love’s kiss will restore her. “

As she grew, Princess Rose displayed all of the virtues her fairy godmothers had given her. She was kind and wise, and she brought happiness to all those around her.

But the king and queen recalled the wicked spell, and worried about Rose continually. The guards watched over her night and day.

One day, when Rose was eighteen, she decided to discover the lands surrounding the castle by herself.

She slipped away from the guards. Shortly she came upon a cottage. An old lady sat by the door, spinning thread on a big wooden wheel.

“Hello child, ” said the old lady. “Come see what I am spinning. ” The spinning wheel turned ’round and ’round. Rose was spellbound. She reached out a hand. When Rose’s finger touched the thin spindle. she crumpled to the floor.

The old lady looked down at the princess and smiled. Thunder exploded, and the old lady changed into the wicked empress. She laughed and disappeared.

Princess Rose was laid on a mattress of gold and covered along with blankets of the finest silk. Her 4 fairy godmothers watched over her.

The king and queen sent word to kingdoms everywhere. They requested brave knights and good looking princes to visit the fortress to try and break the sleeping spell.

Day after day, the kingdom welcomed its gallant guests. One by one they knelt by the princess and kissed her cheek. But non-e of them could awake Rose.

Finally, the king and queen ordered the fairy godmothers to cast a sleeping spell on the whole kingdom. It would only be broken when the princess awoke.

Several years later, a young prince arrived at the old crumbling castle. He went inside and wandered its silent halls.

In the kitchen, chefs were fast sleeping on the counter tops. Sleeping maids were leaning towards their brooms. Court musicians were slumbering on their musical instruments.

Finally, the prince walked into the princess’s chambers. Mere he came face-to-face with the four fairy godmothers.

“Please, kind royal prince, ” said one. “A single kiss from the princess’s real love will break the sleeping spell. Are you her real love? “

The prince knelt down next to Rose and kissed her on the cheek.

The princess stirred, then opened up her eyes. “I had one of the most amazing dream” she said softly. “I imagined of my true love. I dreamed of you. “

All over the castle men, women, and kids awoke. The king and queen hurried to the princess’s chamber. Rose was there with the royal prince who had broken the spell.

The king and queen organised a great feast to celebrate the wedding of Princess Rose and her real love. And they all lived happily ever after.


Sleeping Beauty Short Story
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