Panchatantra Stories For Kids: The Elephant and the Sparrow Story

The Elephant and the Sparrow Panchatantra Story
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Panchatantra Stories For Kids: The Elephant and the Sparrow Story

The Elephant’s Punishment
Two sparrows resided happily in their small nest on a mango tree. One day, the female sparrow laid eggs in her nest, which she and her husband protected carefully.

One morning, an elephant came to the tree looking for shelter from the hot sunlight. It was so hot that the irritated elephant tore a branch off the tree. Unfortunately, that was the branch on which the nest was.

The female sparrow cried and cried. Her eggs got smashed in front of her. She promised herself that she would teach the wicked elephant a lesson. The elephant did not know about the damage he had triggered, but he had taken away the lives of her children!

So she flew to her good friend, the woodpecker for help. The Woodpecker said, “Do not worry my friend! A friend in need is a friend indeed. I will seek help from my friend the fly, and together, we will punish the elephant. “

The Woodpecker and the sparrow travelled to the fly. The fly said, “Let us plan what to do with the help of my buddy, the smart frog who lives in the pond. ” All the three went to the wise frog.

The frog said, “My buddies, you will not be disappointed. My wonderful plan will certainly teach the elephant a lesson. “

The following day, the elephant was walking along the forest when he listened to a lovely melody. lt was the fly humming in his ears. lt was so lovely that the elephant closed his eyes, enjoying the melody.

As soon as he closed his eyes, the woodpecker swooped down from a nearby branch and poked all over his face! “Oooooo! ” The elephant howled with vauge pain. His face was hurting where the Woodpecker had poked and scratched and the temperature was making it worse!

He decided to sprinkle some water on his face to ease him of the discomfort. But where was the water? He could certainly not see, as his eyes were close tight with the soreness.

All of a sudden, he heard a frog croaking. He followed the croaking for a while.

Suddenly, the elephant experienced some thing was pulling him down. He realized that he had stepped into the large stinky marshes!

“Oh no! ” cried the elephant. “This is getting even worse what a terrible smell and I cannot even see anything! ” He tossed around splashing in the dirt and dead plants. His huge body was twisted in the weeds and he was combating to get cut. “The frog has cheated me what hurt might have I done to him? ” questioned the elephant. “Please help me frog! ” he cried, “why are You bothering me so? “

“You demolished the sparrows nest and broke all her eggs for this reason, the sparrow, the fly and l thought to punish you, ” said the smart frog.

The elephant fell down exhausted. He was truly sorry for what he had done and made a decision never to act in anger again.

The Elephant and the Sparrow Panchatantra Story
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