Panchatantra Stories With Moral – The Mouse-Girl and the Sage Story

The Mouse-Girl and the Sage Panchatantra Story
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Panchatantra Stories For Kids: The Mouse-Girl and the Sage Story

There was a sage residing in his small hut in the forest. Each and every morning he would visit the river to offer his prayers to the Sun God.

One early morning, while he was praying, his palms wide open and stretched, he sensed some thing dropping into them. When he opened his eyes, he saw a small mouse!

The mouse was frightened that the sage might drop her into the water. But the kind sage offered the mouse to safety, and asked her what had happened.

The mouse said, “I was wandering in the forest when an eagle swooped upon me and taken me away. While flying over the river, he must have felt exhausted, so he let go of me. Dear sage, please take me to your house, and save me from the clutches of some other preying wild birds. “

The sage thought for a second and after that with his marvelous powers converted the mouse into a lovely girl child. He took the girl to his hut as he had no kids. For many years, the beautiful girl was loved and cared for by the sage and his wife.

Many years passed and it was time for the girl to get married. The sage asked the girl whom she wished to get married. The mouse in the form of the girl said, “I wish to marry the mightiest person in the world. “

The sage took her to the Sun God. The girl questioned the Sun God, “Are you the mightiest? ” The Sun smiled and said, “I am mighty, although not the mightiest. The God of the Clouds is mightier compared to me. He can hide me whenever he feels like it. “

So the sage and the girl went to the God of the Clouds. But he said, “The God of the Winds is mightier than me. He is able to push me around anywhere he wants. “

When the sage and the girl visited meet the God of the Winds, he said, “The God of the Mountains is mightier compared to me. He is so large that he can stop me anytime he wishes. ”

Finally, the sage decided to go to meet the God of the Mountains. But he gave them an amazing answer. He said, “Oh holy sage! l am mighty. However a little animal like the mouse may dig a hole in me. So l think that the King of the Mice is the mightiest. ”

Listening to this, the girl was very happy. In fact, she was a mouse herself. So the sage changed her back into a mouse, and married her to the King of the Mice, and they lived happily ever after.

Morals: However great one may become, one should never forget one’s roots.

The Mouse-Girl and the Sage Panchatantra Story
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