The Four Friends and The Dead Lion Panchatantra Story with Moral

The Four Friends and The Dead Lion Panchatantra Story with pictures
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The Four Friends and The Dead Lion Story with Moral

Four young boys were on their way home from their school. They had spent several years in mastering all the scriptures along with other unique powers from their learned teacher.

But one of the boys, whose name was Gorukhi, had more of common sense than knowledge. So , the other three would certainly tease him through the day. Gorukhi was really frustrated listening to their words, but could hardly do a thing.

On their way home, the boys discovered a massive heap of bones lying down on the road. The boys questioned what the heap was.

One of the boys said, “This might be our chance to check our expertise. Let us put the bones and flesh together to find out what creature this could be. “

The other two young boys quickly agreed, while Gorukhi was not so convinced. He thought doing such a thing is probably not safe. He knew an animal with such big bones would would be the a frightening one.

He said, “l think that we will be at risk attempting to inhale life into such a huge animal. ” The others snapped immediately, “Who is asking you? Step aside to check out what your learned friends can perform! ”

The first boy said, “Watch as I place the bones together and make them into a skeleton with my powers. ” Soon the skeleton took form.

The second boy said, “l will now utilize my powers to put flesh and blood on to the skeleton. “

Right in front of their eyes, the bones and flesh changed into a wild animal which everybody recognised. It was a lion! Everybody except Gorukhi was pleased. They exclaimed, “All these many years of studying have not gone waste. We’re able to actually create a lion from just bones! “

The third boy said happily, “My friends! What is a mass of flesh without having life in it? Watch as I breathe life into the lion. “

Gorukhi was concerned. He asked, “What are you doing? lf you inhale life into the lion, he will eat us all up. Do not do it my friend! ”

But the third boy was irritated at Gorukhi’s advice. He questioned, “when these two have demostrated how capable they are, are you recommending that l miss out on my opportunity to show my skills? “

Gorukhi was unhappy that his mastered friends lacked the ability to see what was waiting for them when the lion would come to life. So he chose to save his life and climbed up a tree.

Lo and behold! The third boy breathed life into the lion. For a second, the lion opened up his eyes and looked over the three boys standing in front of him. In the next second, he pounced on them and destroyed them all!

Gorukhi sat on the branch of the tree looking at just how his friends lost their lives, simply because they had all the learning, but no cornmon-sense.

The Four Friends and The Dead Lion Panchatantra Story with pictures
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