The Three Crooks and The Brahmin Story | Stories of Panchatantra

Rishi was a extremely religious man who lived in a small village. Each and every morning, he would offer prayers to the Sun God.

Once a wealthy man from another town asked him to carry out a pooja ceremony at his residence. After serving him with a great food, the rich man gifted him a plump goat.

The Three Crooks and The Brahmin panchatantra Story
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Stories of Panchatantra – The Three Crooks and The Brahmin Story

Rishi would not want the goat to walk all the way to his village. So he left the wealthy man’s home after thanking him and carried the goat on his shoulders.

He had to cross the forest to get to his town. On the way three creeks saw him. They were hungry and had not eaten anything for several days. So they decided to trick Rishi into dropping the goat.

The first crook went up to Rishi and said, “You look like a spiritual man. So why would you carry a dog on your shoulders? ” Rishi was surprised. He replied, “Are you blind? It isn’t a dog. It is a goat. ”

The crook said, “Please carry on your journey if you believe that it is a goat. But anybody can easily see that it is a dog. ” Rishi chose to neglect his words and kept walking ahead.

A couple of minutes later, the 2nd crook approached Rishi. He said, “Is it suitable for man like you to hold a dead calf on your shoulders? “

Rishi was shocked as to why the goat could not look like a goat to other people. So he said, “It is not a dead calf. It is a goat; young man. “

The crook answered, “Do you believe l would waste my precious time to come and inform you that it is dead calf, if that is not really the case? “.

Rishi now realized there was clearly something wrong with what he was holding. After all, two men wouldn’t be wrong.

He had taken some more steps when the 3rd crook came up to him and asked, “Why on earth would certainly a person carry a donkey on his shoulders? ”

Now that was a perfect final straw! He dropped the goat on the floor and ran away shouting, “lt is a ghost! lt is a ghost!

It changes from a goat to a dog to a calf and a donkey! “. The three crooks laughed as they saw Rishi run away leaving the meals they had wanted.

The Three Crooks and The Brahmin panchatantra Story
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